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Watch Out For... Gee TheProducer

Gee TheProducer

Gee TheProducer

If you want to hear true underground RnB music, you must listen to Gee TheProducer's latest track ''Can't Help It''. The song really touches the modern and new wave of RnB twist that you can appreciate. Hinting the subject of an ex-girlfriend, ''Can't Help It'' is for anybody who has been in a tough relationship and relate to its compliations.


The complications we're referring to are about post break-up feelings towards your ex. In the song, Gee clues us in on a personal true story. As he explains, ''The song is actually about me seeing an ex girlfriend I still had feelings for while at the club with my friends. I had to act as if I didn't have feelings for her as she approached.'' 

Inspired by true events like this one, Gee TheProducer can definitely continue to make good music as he's off to a good start with this latest single. Originally from the Bahamas, the multitasking artist is planning to sharpen his craft by moving to Canada in the next months or so. In a country where so many talents are based, Gee TheProducer will certainly appreciate to collaborate with artists ready to expose their impressive stuff. In the meantime, we'll let you vibe to ''Can't Help It'' and tell you that Gee, is one artist to watch out for!