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Watch Out For... Stacey Kaniuk

Stacey Kaniuk

Stacey Kaniuk

Every song, (or most) have a certain message to relay to the auditor. For Canadian singer Stacey Kaniuk, and her latest single ‘‘Give Up The Ghost’’, the lesson is interesting. Letting go everything that poisons your life and makes you miserable mentally. Easy to say but not easy to do for some. However, this song could help you achieve that task, we believe it so.

The track starts off with a tense guitar riff only to settle later with a more smooth and easy-going tune accompanied by a melodious piano. And yes, that angelic voice you hear coming in seconds later is none other than Stacey Kaniuk. ‘‘Give Up The Ghost’’ is also a song upon which you could definitely be in a car strolling down the road with a couple of friends and just sing along out loud. Yup, it’s that good!

‘Give up the Ghost’ is about waking up and walking away from something that’s holding you back or hurting you.
— Stacey Kaniuk
Stacey Kaniuk

Stacey Kaniuk

The aspiring artist explains, ‘‘Sometimes the people closest to us are the ones who hurt us the most. When you're too close to a negative situation it can be impossible to see it for what it really is. "Give up the Ghost" is about waking up and walking away from something that's holding you back or hurting you. It's about letting go and not staying in a negative frame of mind.’’

She adds, ‘‘This song was born out of the beat. I was staying at a friends' house and only had access to an old 90s keyboard. The keyboard only had about 8 sounds, and one of the percussion sounds was this very mechanical, tin-sounding rolling snare. It reminded me of a military drill, which sort of informed the whole vibe of the song. When we eventually recorded the realdrums in the studio, we had my drummer replace the digital beat with his own assertive, punchy snare. I didn't want this song to feel aggressive though - this is not an angry song. I wanted it to be to feel reflective and self assured. The horns lift it up into a triumphant place, and my hope was that the choir of background vocals would add a softer, human element."

One thing is certain when it comes to letting go things negative for the mind. Noble Vybe Music will always have a place for Stacey Kaniuk in its repertoire of favorite songs, especially in times of stress and vulnerability. Oh, and yes, Stacey Kaniuk is one promising singer to watch out for in 2018 and beyond!