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Watch Out For... Layer Cake

Layer Cake

Layer Cake

If you want to listen to real music with authentic vibe, new band Layer Cake is the right choice for you. With their hot debut single, ‘‘Keep Me Awake’’, you’ll definitely want to hear more of them.

It would have been a real shame not to talk about this group with so much potential. From the get go, the song displays a great energy with harmonious guitar riffs. The vocals sound amazing and the chemistry between each members is very graceful. The chorus is the most catchy part of the track. Trust us, this song will ‘‘keep you awake’’.


The band explains that the single 'Keep Me Awake' is about reflecting on mistakes in a flippant manner. By listening to the song, you’ll understand the meaning of it. With well structured lyrics, this song has the potential to make waves as far as it can. Not bad for a start, if you ask us, up-and-coming band Layer Cake has what it takes to destroy the competition in their respective field.

The band adds, ‘‘What came out has been compared to Brit rock favourites such as the Arctic Monkeys and The Kooks – however you can compare us to whoever you like, as long as they are incredibly more successful than us and we can live vicariously through an over fluffed complimentary comparison.‘‘

We can only be excited to hear what other amazing tracks this group has in store for auditors lookng for new music. Watch out for Layer Cake!