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Watch Out For... Graace



Australia sure has some amazing talents and future mainstream artists to hit the spotlight! This time, we turn our attention to singer and songwriter, Graace. The young artist has released a beautiful single in the title of ''Last Night''. Since we're writing about Graace, we're not going to surprise you by confirming that this song is splendid.



The 21-year-old Aussie follows the release of the Hayden Jame's platinum selling single "Numb", a track she co-wrote and performed on, with her strikingly honest and raw song "Last Night." As if singing her diary page aloud, she reveals, "I took your voice, cause I love to lie / And I weighed you down, so I learned to fly / last night I made you cry." A rich piano and pushing tempo carve the way as her story takes center stage, the intimacy of the vocals and immediacy of the lyrics makes this feel like an urgent must-listen. Powerful and moving - we've certainly fallen for GRAACE's siren spell in this admission that's both vulnerable and danceable.

Graace's discography isn't as fattening as a veteran artist of 15+ years. But since she's only starting her career as a solo musician and a songwriter for many other artists, we're as excited as a child receiving his first bike to ride, to hear more of her projects. Her music and artistry are very promising. Graace is to watch out for in 2018 and beyond!