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Watch out for... Jimmy Smash

Jimmy Smash

Jimmy Smash

When you have great vocals, an exciting concept for a song and talent in many facets of music production, you can definitely be sure to get attention from critics, curious auditors and music blogs. That’s the case for Norwegian duo, Jimmy Smash.

Mikkel Graham Guttormsen and Håvard Lyngstad are the amazing duo of Jimmy Smash. They both write and produce their own materials. Not only are they talented and very independent, but they can deliver like no other duos can. Their latest single ‘Everglance’ is a great example of that. 'Everglance' is the song Jimmy Smash always wanted to make. A rich feel good, happy and hopeful sounding track, matched with longing emotional lyrics, and big instrumental performances.

For Mikkel and Håvard, the two best friends have since 2015 made music together, working their way through totally different musical backgrounds, to today’s signature Jimmy Smash sound. Warm vocals, rich arrangements with nods to their favourite artsts and sources of inspiration. Their music, which has a lot of references to American urban and pop heroes like J Dilla, Quincy Jones, Bon Iver and Anderson .Paak, will get you on the hook from the get go.

If you want to hear more music from Jimmy Smash, they’re available through Spotify and Soundcloud!

You best be on the lookout for these two young aspiring artists; Jimmy Smash is here to make a statement. They are promising and We can feel that 2019 is really a good year for them.