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Watch out for... RVNNERS



If you haven’t heard about them yet, you certainly will in the coming year. RVNNERS is a Toronto quartet ready to dazzle you with thier creative music. This is one Canadian band you shouldn’t miss out on.

Set to release its debut EP of euphoric indie pop anthems, RVNNERS are a rebirth of Tiny Danza whose engaging, high-energy live shows won them Indie Week International, leading to a record deal with Universal and a collaboration with producer Jimmy Harry (P!nk, Madonna).

RVNNERS are in recovery. From a storied past they’ve returned with bittersweet indie pop that blends the dark intimacy of The 1975 with the uplifting drive of Walk The Moon. In their previous form as Tiny Danza they went form highs of winning an international competition and signing with a major label to breaking up and starting over.

Having lots of experience already, this band has been on tour across Canada for a while. With the hard work they’re putting in their music, we wouldn’t be surprised if the States would be the next audience to be charmed by their art. All is impossible, and for Rvnners, we can only assume that the sky is the limit.