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Watch out for... Ojikae


There’s a buzz in the air for a certain up-and comer. His name is Ojikae. He’s a pop/RnB singer with a voice of unrivaled maturity that will compell you. His latest single titled ‘Ex’ will only reinforce the opinion of many critics that say he’s a true natural and talented singer.

It’s aways exciting to hear a new artist in the premises, especially when one of the first single or EP he releases is a banger. ‘Ex’ is no exception to that. The song captivates you from the start. Trust us, Ojikae’s vocals attract the ears like a magnet. The track was conceived in one weekend and surrounds the 20 year-old artist’s infatuation with a girl. His writing was fuelled by prescriptions dulling the pain of wisdom teeth and ultimately expresses another heightened ache.

I want to Tell stories of love, lust and for the soul - As I grow and experience life, I want to document all I can
— Ojikae

His vocal capabilities freshly thrust him into performance early in this journey, first with LA crew ILLEGAL CIVILIZATION, then soon after supporting international acts ABRA and TOKIMONSTA. Gifted with a voice that has been compared to Stevie Wonder; Ojikae showcased to audiences that, phonically, he was just as powerful live as recorded.



Ojikae, whose real-life name is Matt Cicero, tells how the song is a growth into adulthood as a man and as an artist. It was co-produced by Grammy award nominee Uno Stereo (Khalid, Maurice Moore, ILLY). ‘‘I want to Tell stories of love, lust and for the soul - As I grow and experience life, I want to document all I can” as life outside music is no longer an option to him.

Shaped heavily from an early age by his father’s musicianship – a guitarist in a local metal band – Cicero names him his most creative influence amongst the likes of D'angelo, Funkadelic and Prince. Generally, he consumes the past culturally and musically rather than absorbing what’s “current” and allusions to this are a prominent part of Ojikae. Originally named ‘Kae’ the prefix ‘Oji’ pays homage to another of his enduring favourites; ‘The Fresh Prince of Bel Air’ - inspired by a Japanese word meaning ‘Prince’.